Daily Recap November 23

Daily Recap November 23
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Robotos, Avastars Replicants, JRNY CLUB

After releasing 9,999 Robotos NFTs on August 3, Pablo Stanley and his team have been working diligently. Their hard work has paid off in the form of a partnership with TIME Studios to produce an animated show starring the Robotos avatars. The market reacted accordingly to this news and the floor for Robotos has nearly doubled since yesterday, up to about 0.9 ETH. With quirky, colorful design, an animated show surrounding their universe seems fitting.

Avastars Replicants began minting today only to pause due to an issue with approving transactions. The pause took about 15 minutes, and there were no reports of any hacks. Replicants can only be created from Avastars Prime’s $ART token. The original Avastars have held a steady floor around 0.15 ETH.


JRNY CLUB tops our rankings page this afternoon with 2,020 ETH in 24 hour volume. Sitting at a floor price 2.84 ETH, this membership NFT has grabbed the community's attention. Owning one JRNY CLUB membership NFT grants the owner access to future JRNY NFT sets, private community chat, and more. Giveaways for members include one Bored Ape Yacht Club, one Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and three Doge Pound NFTs


Catch The Lucky Trader NFT Show with Nigel Eccles live tonight at 7 p.m.


Thanksgiving article preview 

Gonna be home for the holidays? Does your family think you check Lucky Trader, Twitter, and OpenSea too much? Are they clueless about your obsession with jpegs? Tomorrow we're releasing a guide to help you get through the difficult NFT questions you are sure to face. 



MetaTravelers and Bricktopians sell out

Bricktopians are a self-proclaimed “preposterous” NFT that combines custom characters fused with an AI program to produce each one. These 3D Bricktopians have plans to create a 4D serum that creates personalized variance in the physics simulations. Since minting at 0.08 ETH today, there has been almost 1,000 ETH traded in secondary sales.


MetaTravelers had their public sale last night at 0.09 ETH for a collection of 7,777 NFTs. Despite selling out, the movement on OpenSea hasn’t been as significant, holding at a 0.15 ETH floor with 230 ETH in sales volume since release. The developers plan to use 20% of the treasury to fund future initiatives within the MetaTravelers realm.




  • JRNY CLUB after dropping today exploded with over 2,000 ETH jumping to a 2.80 ETH floor.  

  • Chain Runners following the stellar weekend has retraced a bit down 27% in floor value. 

  • Robotos on the heels of the TIME announcement has jumped almost doubling floor price to 0.88 ETH 

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