NFTy 50: Parallel, VeeFriends Volume Climb

NFTy 50: Parallel, VeeFriends Volume Climb
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I'd like to think that if they had the resources, my grandparents would have invested in the Nifty Fifty when they were my age. If you're unfamiliar, the term refers to an informal index of large cap stocks that were popular during the 1960s and 1970s. You can learn more about the Nifty Fifty, which often boasted names like Walt Disney, JCPenny, and more, here. 

Informal indexes have yet to gain traction in the NFT ecosystem, but I'm going to try and change that. 

Introducing the NFTy 50, the NFT projects that are ranked 50-100 in volume traded on OpenSea each week. I'll snapshot the OpenSea volume rankings each Monday at noon ET and comment on any notable updates. Did an unsuspecting project see a huge volume spike? Was there a key story line that created a significant volume change for a relatively dormant project? Anything is fair game. 

To check the OpenSea rankings yourself, please refer to this page. Though not all project's are included on the Lucky Trader rankings page, a similar list can be found here. 

Now for this week's notables...



62. Parallel Alpha | 771 ETH Traded | 293% Increase Last 7 Days

The heavily funded science fiction card game, Parallel Alpha, is not yet functional, but took a step closer to launch with the third of its pack drops on Saturday. The drop was frustrating for many (including myself), often not working and showcasing "rate exceeded" errors even after an hour delay in the drop. Despite repeated attempts, many users failed - while some, who had refreshed repeatedly were able to slip through the cracks and reserve up to 2 PD3 Packs for 0.075 ETH each. 

Despite the hiccups, the collection saw a near 300% increase in trading volume over the course of the last seven days, perhaps much of it before the drop as anticipation about eventual card staking and the $PRIME token near. 

For even more about Parallel, refer to our project analysis


72. Reli3f UKR | 643 ETH Traded

Spun up in just over 24 hours, Reli3f UKR, a collection of 37 pieces from various notable artists in the NFT space, pulled in more than $1M in ETH for donations directly to the crisis unfolding in Ukraine. As the floor price is the least of concerns for this collection, given its intentions, we've opted not to include it in the graphic above. 

The speed with which the project was created, and the potential impact of the funding earned the inclusion in the NFTy 50 notables. 

While 100% of the primary sales were donated to the Ukranian relief effort, secondary royalties may be donated, or used to support Ukranian artists as well. 


74. Critterz Plots | 617 ETH Traded | 1570% Increase Last 7 Days

Perhaps benefitting from the boom in metaverse land and the bolt-on connection with Minecraft (like NFTWorlds), Critterz plots earns recognition in the NFTy 50 as the largest week over week change in volume traded on OpenSea. Over the course of the last week, the collection has seen a boost of 1,570% to its volume traded number on secondary markets. 

Over the weekend, the genesis Critterz project also announced an update to its website and more. 


81. Deadfrenz | 583 ETH Traded | 63% Increase Last 7 Days

Long anticipated and finally here, Deadfrenz, the companion project from Deadfellaz, has hit the market and broke into the top 100 in total volume traded on secondary. The project boasts 13 different species of companions and now trades at a floor of 0.38 ETH. You can explore both the parent and companion project's below.


89. VeeFriends | 545 ETH Traded | 293% Increase Last 7 Days

Gary V's flagship project, VeeFriends, also saw a notable increase in volume traded over the course of the last seven days. VeeCon is around the corner and more is coming out each day about the continuation of the VeeFriends IP and its ties to Book Games and more. In fact earlier today, a long tweet thread details some of the newest changes to the collection and the utility to come. 



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