NFTy 50 | Milady Mints Out, Gutter Cat Ecosystem Grows

NFTy 50 | Milady Mints Out, Gutter Cat Ecosystem Grows
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Each week, the NFTy 50 provides a weekly update breaking down some of the most notable NFT projects that are ranked 50-100 in volume traded on OpenSea for the respective week. I snapshot the OpenSea rankings at noon ET on Monday and comment on any notable updates or inclusions. Did an unsuspecting project see a huge volume spike? Was there a key story line that created a significant volume change for a relatively dormant project? Anything is fair game. 

To check the OpenSea rankings yourself, please refer to this page. Though not all project's are included on the Lucky Trader rankings page, a similar list can be found here. 

Now for this week's notables...


63. Milady Maker | 450 ETH Traded | 39,998% Increase Last 7 Days

Reading this a week after Kevin, you may have suspected that Milady's recent performance was confirmation of a new meta for NFTs...perhaps something akin to "these are so bad they are good." At first glance, I believed that to be the case as Milady Maker volume spiked 39,998% over the last week. The collection started minting on August 24, 2021 - and just finally minted out over the weekend.

Ironically though, it seems some of the FOMO may be as a result of some memes and silliness from crypto and NFT Twitter. Take the following exhibit into account. 



— raven ๐Ÿ•Š (@ravenmoxon) March 12, 2022

The group, which is notorious for...uh, raves? ... can no longer host them per the cryptic letter received by @ravenmoxon. 

Without seeing the inside, it's impossible to confirm the report, but Twitter ran with it anyway. 


65. Gutter Cat Gang | 443 ETH Traded | 229% Increase Last 7 Days

The Gutter Cat Gang made a big splash last week when the ecosystem unveiled its Gutter Juice, a new serum designed to expand the Gutter ecosystem. The juice came in four strains, matching the species from the original Gutter ecosystems - Dog, Rat, Pigeon, and Cat. The juices can be found in a completely separate NFT collection.

The increase in trading on the genesis Gutter Cats is perhaps a nod to the continued execution by the Gutter Cat team. 

To learn more about the Juice and Gutter Cat Gang ecosystem, watch the video below! 



73. FVCK_CRYSTAL// | 376 ETH Traded | 175% Increase Last 7 Days

As the date approaches for eventual FVCK_AVATAR minting, CRYSTAL movement has become more active on OpenSea. Over the course of the last week, 376 ETH traded hands, representing an increase of 175% when compared to the week prior. Each holder of a FVCK_CRYSTAL will soon be eligible for minting of the avatars that correspond to the FVCKRENDER Universe, which has been rebranded to LVCIDIA. 

Per consistent announcements in the FVCKRENDER Discord, the snapshot for eligibility has yet to take place but it appears to be coming soon. 




78. MetaHero: Planet Tokens | 350 ETH Traded | -30% Decrease Last 7 Days

Last week MetaHero Planet Tokens finally saw the long anticipated snapshot for Mintpass 2, giving all holders who held through the snapshot the ability to claim a mintpass for future use. To learn more about Mintpass 2, refer to the linked Medium article.  Unfortunately, after the snapshot, prices saw a drastic decline and volume has now dried up - showcasing a 30 percent decrease when compared to last week. 


90. CyberKongz | 289 ETH Traded | -14% Decrease Last 7 Days

Despite a decrease in trading volume over the last week, the CyberKongz team has continued making headlines, announcing the arrival of their play-to-earn game "Play & Kollect." After some hiccups with the Polygon blockchain, the game finally went live early this afternoon. The game pits together crews of CyberKongz VX that adventure into the jungle in search of Kongium Ore. Entry is paid in the ecosystem's native $BANANA token, which sits around $14.46 at the time of writing - a 33 percent increase over the last 24 hours.


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