OSF Releases Details for 'Professional Degen 5' Mint

OSF Releases Details for 'Professional Degen 5' Mint
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OSF shared mint details for his upcoming "Professional Degen 5" mint, which will take place on Magic Eden on March 11. 

The Deets

  • Guaranteed Mints: Ownership of select OSF NFTs offers up to 10 guaranteed mints per NFT, with a snapshot on March 8. 
  • Ecosystem Allowlist Raffle: Entry to a 2,000 spot raffle for multiple NFT collections owners including Degenz, Regenz, and more. 
  • "Public" Raffle: Another 2,000 spots up for grabs through a public raffle, enhancing inclusivity via Pudgy Penguins, Punks, and more. 
  • Community and Partners: Special mints allocated for community engagement and partners, ensuring broad participation.

The Bulk

Upcoming OSF mint, "Professional Degen 5," will allow a host of communities and active web3 participants to add OSF to their collections for free. Scheduled for March 11 on Magic Eden, this drop boasts a collection of 6,969 NFTs.

To ensure a fair and engaging process, minting is structured around an allowlist, with guaranteed mints for owners of certain NFTs and additional spots through ecosystem and public raffles.

Owners of select NFTs like "1/1s," "red lite district," and "dodgy dealer," among others, receive guaranteed mints. Furthermore, the ecosystem allowlist raffle opens 2,000 spots to owners of a wide range of NFTs, from Rektguy to Chimpers. 

The public raffle offers another 2,000 spots, catering to a broader audience and increasing the chance for many to partake in this unique event. Special allocations for community engagement and partners highlight the importance of community in the NFT space, rewarding active participants and collaborators.

Find the full list of projects here

🎤 Founder Feedback

I spent a decade as a trader at Barclays Investment Bank and have always been fascinated by the similarities of that job vs sitting at home degenning crypto & NFTs. The two are actually more similar than you'd think; just in one you have to be more professional and can play with the bank's capital, the other you can do whatever the fuck you like but it's your own capital at risk.OSF

🎬 Take Action

Want to get on the allowlist? Be sure to join the ecosystem or public raffles. 

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