Play-to-Earn Weekly | The Red Village Launch, Crypto Raiders Funding, and MORE

Play-to-Earn Weekly | The Red Village Launch, Crypto Raiders Funding, and MORE
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Welcome to Lucky Trader's weekly roundup of the top play-to-earn news. Each week, we'll cover everything you need to know about the top P2E games and projects, focusing on their upcoming releases, game updates, and more! 

Top P2E News and Upcoming Projects:

  • The Red Village Launch
  • Crypto Raiders Funding
  • ZED RUN Updates
  • BYOCraft Claiming Reminder | $TRYP
  • Goons of Balatroon Game Development
  • P2E/Staking Mint: Shattered EON

The Red Village Launch

The Red Village Team held a private launch with eight select holders to participate in the inaugural Red Village Tournament, known as First Blood.  Eight champions battled it out in the Tavern for bragging rights on being the first champion to emerge victorious.

You can watch the replay of the Alpa (Pre-Beta) Tournament here.

On Sunday, March 27, The Red Village announced via Twitter that the registration for Alpha Game had opened.  

Be sure to stay up-to-date with all The Red Village news via their Discord.


Crypto Raiders 

This morning, Crypto Raiders announced a new round of funding led by DeFiance Capital and Delphi Digital with support from GuildFi, Merit Circle, and Yield Guild Games for a total of $6M. 

In a tweet, Crypto Raiders team revealed this gives them capital to extend out their development runway for roughly three years.

Crypto Raiders looks to bridge the gap in RPG-based games in the metaverse through unique adaptations of World of Warcraft and Runescape-style gaming mechanics and features.

The team plans to roll out expansions on the farming aspect of the Crypto Raider ecosystem within the next couple of weeks, which includes activities such as crafting potions and forging weapons.


ZED RUN: Class 1 Premier and ZED Madness

Yesterday, March 29, the ZED RUN team finished auditing the Class 1 Premier seeding. 

Quarterfinals are set to start today with a total prize pool of $30,000. The Semi-Finals and Finals are both scheduled for Thursday, March 31, and also have respective cash pools of $30,000 each. 

This week a group of content creators and stable owners (@PonyZook,@DoughBoy__215, @_ZombieRacing, @HerbyHerb42, @ZedDraft ) hosted a ZED March Madness bracket, in which Wagmi Racing took home 1st place in the Grand Finals on March 28.  

Finally, The ZED RUN team also posted a new sneak peak of the animated skins.  Be sure to check it out via their Twitter page.  


BYOCraft Claim and New Teaser

BYOCraft claiming ends Friday morning, April 1 at 2:59am ET for all eligible holders of unclaimed BYOPills and BYOVapes.

The BYOVerse also released information that 3D animations of BYOCrafts will become available shortly following the end of the claim. 

BYOPills teased the release of an expansion of Tryptamine in the BYOVerse, indicating a token development called $TRYP in a Twitter post just earlier this morning. 

Holders of $TRYP will "yield the power to govern the BYO ecosystem," with exclusive access to new consumables and gear.  

Both BYOPill, Apostles, and BYOLand will all generate $TRYP at a different rate - detailed information to be released in the future. 


Goons of Balatroon Game Development

On Monday, March 28, Goons of Balatroon Twitter released a teaser video of their future P2E card strategy game coming to all holders soon.

Each Goon comes with a free card pack to utilize in the game -

  • Check Goon properties on OpenSea to confirm unclaimed card packs
  • Enter Store on Goons website, claim pack(s)

Visit the the Goons of Balatroon store via their website here. 


P2E Mint: Shattered EON

Shattered EON is a unique collection of 10,000 Gen0 colonists featured in an immersive strategy game that lives on the Ethereum blockchain.

The first 10,000 colonists are minted for 0.08 ETH, which then earn "Raw EON" by staking on the Pytheas Contract at a rate of 2700/REON every day.

The remainder of the circulation will be minted using the in-house ecosystem $REON for a total of 60,000 tokens.  

The project is currently whitelist minted with close to 600 tokens minted at the time of writing.  

Read more about Shattered EON on their website.

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