The Red Village NFTs

The Red Village NFT Overview

Project Information

The Red Village promises to be a unique breeding and fighting game on the layer-2 Polygon network of the Ethereum blockchain. The initial launch will feature 5,000 Genesis Champion (Genotype R1-R3) NFTs. Perks of minting a Genesis Champion will include a free access pass to special tournaments, planned airdrops, early access to apparel and future drops, and other to-be-announced rewards.

The roadmap promises a game launch in December of 2021, the second generation (Genotype R4-R6) of 6,000 Pureblood Champions in December of 2021; play for keeps battles and summoning (the game's version of breeding) in Q1 2022; and the launch of seasons and the second set of Pureblood Champions (8,000 Genotype R7-R9 NFTs) in June of 2022.

Long term the game plans to support a total of 28,000 Champions with four different bloodlines and five different character classes. "Summoning" of Halfblood Champions promises more ways to earn and improve, as well as provides an inflationary nature to the game and long term sustainability, with summoning limited to once per month.

In January 2022, The Red Village announced the Mystic Champions drop for R4-R6 genotypes and game launch.