Play-to-Earn Weekly | ZED RUN, The Red Village, and MORE

Play-to-Earn Weekly | ZED RUN, The Red Village, and MORE
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Welcome to Lucky Trader's weekly roundup of the top play to earn news. Each week, we'll cover everything you need to know about the top p2e projects, from release dates to game updates to creator announcements and more! 

Top P2E News and Upcoming Projects:

  • New ZED RUN Tournament
  • The Red Village Alpha Tournament
  • Ethernal Elves and CyberKongz Bridge to Polygon


ZED RUN: Class 1 Premier Tournament

ZED RUN introduced a brand new tournament this week called the Class 1 Premier Tournament.

The tournament is set to feature the biggest and baddest racers ZED has to offer. The Class 1 Premier Tournament started on Mar. 7 and runs for two weeks.

During the next two weeks, horses can earn points towards qualification through Class 1 paid races. The ZED team indicated that higher-priced entry fee races will reward racers with point multipliers for finishes, and the tournament has a total pool of $150,000. 

What horses will emerge as new forces to be reckoned with? What beasts will remain at the top? 

The Red Village

On Mar. 1, The Red Village announced that the Alpha release of Tournaments will open up on Mar. 13 for Battlemasters. 

The Red Village Tournaments are browser based WebGL games built in the game engine Unity, pushing the boundaries of current 3D games on the blockchain. 

The team plans to roll out the Tournament in phases, allowing them to scale and adjust as they go. If all internal testing goes accordingly, Mar. 10 will feature two tournaments per hour and a total of 384 Champions fighting per day. 

The second day will scale up to three tournaments per hour with a total of 576 Champions fighting per day, gradually increasing until reaching a total of twelve tournaments per hour and a total of 2,304 Champions fighting per day. 

The Red Village circulation currently features 11,000 Champions, meaning not all Champions will be able to fight during the alpha launch.

It's expected that players may endure a long queue attempting to battle. To help alleviate this issue, the team has placed a seven Champion per wallet limit for the first week of Tournaments. 

The first week of Tournaments will be hosted in the location called The Blood Theatre, where a total of eight champions "play out an exact replication of the fighting algorithm, as it actually happens."  

The Red Village mechanics are effectively "turn-based," meaning this is synonymous with an auto-battler with Diablo-style camera angles/perception.  

Read more on The Red Village Tournament gameplay on their Medium article.

Ethernal Elves

On Jan. 31, Ethernal Elves sold out of their initial collection of 3,333 Sentinels, shortly followed by the launch of their staking and play-to-earn platform on Layer 1. 

The Ethernal Elves team has ties to the Ether Orcs and Dogewood communities, subsequently building out their version of an on-chain, RPG Play-to-Earn game.

Initially, Ethernal Elves had two options: Passive and Campaign Mode. The Passive feature allowed Sentinels to earn $REN and claim after certain time periods ranging from seven days to one month.

Campaign mode was also released, launching three different locations to earn $REN, weapons, items, and level up with varying creature health and cooldown time. 

On Mar. 4, the remaining 3,333 Sentinels and circulation were officially minted out with $REN at different price points as the circulation depleted.  

Starting on Feb. 26, Ethernal Elves team opened the bridge to the Polygon blockchain in order to enact gasless transaction. While you’re Elves are on Polygon, they are securely being held in a state of suspended animation by the contract on Ethereum (Layer 1). 

All gameplay transactions on Polygon will be free of charge, while $REN transactions still remain on Layer 1. 

The Ethernal Elves team has also introduced new game modes since launch: 

  • Bloodthirst - earn $REN and items
  • Rampage - sacrifice $REN to earn weapons, other rare gear, and level up (Set to Release Mar. 14)
  • Crusades - sacrifice $REN to earn Artifacts to mint Elders and future collections

The next phase of the project includes the launch of 2,222 "Elders." These can be minted with $REN (price to be announced), and a piece found during crusades called an Artifact.  

Read more on what the Ethernal Elves team is building along with tokenomics and gameplay mechanics here. 


On Mar. 5, CyberKongz opened the bridge to Polygon for their CyberKong VX NFTs and $BANANA tokens.

The Polygon blockchain is the home of the new CyberKongz game "Play & Kollect," where holders can send their NFTs on adventures to gather Kongium Ore which can be redeemed for prizes such as $BANANA tokens or other NFTs. 

The price to send your CyberKongz VX on the jungle adventure costs 0.4 $BANANA. Learn more about $BANANA and the Jungle Adventure on the CyberKongz website. 

Upcoming P2E Projects

  • Mythical Creatures: 7,777 Creatures at 0.1 ETH releasing Mar. 11
  • The Lab Game: 10,000 Gen 0 Scientists at 0.06 ETH releasing in March (Date TBD) 
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