Power Rankings Review | Punks No. 1

Power Rankings Review | Punks No. 1

The Lucky Trader Power Rankings uses a set of weighted attributes to curate a full set of numbered rankings for NFT projects across blockchains.*

Every week we'll take a snapshot of the rankings and review the movement from the week before as a result of the latest news, trades, and more. 

*Full details on our weighted rankings can be found at the bottom of the Power Rankings page. 

The flippening..again. Amidst some unrest in traditional markets, Punks have started to separate from Apes and once more took the top spot in our Power Rankings. Read on for more in this week's power rankings review. 

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*Note: Due to some data cleansing, some of our categories may showcase large jumps up and down for collections. 

Top 100 

It felt inevitable, but the CryptoPunks collection has risen back to No. 1 overall in our rankings. 

After a year or more of "stablecoin-like" price action, Punks have finally started to ascend...while nearly every other NFT collection slides. The one month chart shown below gives a great glimpse into the ascension, up more than 17 percent in the last month. And simultaneously, it showcases the flippening. Thanks to our handy news graphs, we can compare the floor price of notable collections alongside those of others. It's no surprise seeing the Punks and Apes floor price side by side, that Punks have regained the No. 1 spot, while Apes have fallen to No. 2. 

Pudgy's Moving Up

Pudgy Penguins are up one spot to No. 12 overall.

It seems like so long ago now that the brand was beaten down. Amidst buyout rumors the floor price jumped more than 100 percent in Apr. 2022, and shortly after confirmation of Netz buyout, the price blossomed to 3 ETH. Since that time, it's doubled that floor price a few times and launched multiple "real" initiatives with lots of hopium as well. 

Look at this chart. 

This might be web3's only depiction of "slow and steady wins the race." 

Last week 

DeGods Lifting Off? 

Have you seen the Bitcoin DeGod wildness? Frank has seemingly done it again, leaning in to his rabid community that fueled the y00t mania earlier this year. This time though, all the action is taking place on Bitcoin. The previously burned collection of 535 DeGod NFTs resurrected on Bitcoin as Ordinal inscriptions has lighted a fire under the original DeGods collection on Solana as well, sending the collection back towards all-time high prices. The current floor price on Magic Eden rests at 609 SOL and with $SOL's notable increase in the last few days, holders have been pleasantly rewarded. 

The collection is four spots to No. 19 overall in our Top 100 rankings and there may be additional room for growth when the eventual bridge to ETH happens.

Otherdeeds Gaining Purpose?

It's been a long year for Otherdeed NFTs, but the collection is holding strong at No. 10 overall. 

The collection opened with a floor price north of 7 ETH but has slowly descended in the year since launch. Nevertheless, the project still maintains one of the largest overall marketcaps and trades notable volume week in and week out, making it difficult to escape in our overall rankings (which are numbers-driven, and supported by volume and marketcap). 

While I think its inclusion is the most suspect of those in our top ten, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that the Second Trip is coming. Yes, Otherdeeds may get a purpose sooner than we think. 

The Second Trip is expected to show off even more of the Otherside Metaverse and allow users to explore even greater, more diverse areas than the First Trip did so long ago. 

The collection size makes it unlikely that the floor price moves significantly, but who knows? 

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