Prosocialites NFT Overview | Mint Info, Roadmap, FAQs and More

Prosocialites NFT Overview | Mint Info, Roadmap, FAQs and More

Prosocialites is a mission-driven web3 community bounded together by NFT ownership. The artwork is created by Emmy award-winning artists Stephen Slesinski and Courtney Hicks, best known for their work on FX's hit television series, Archer. 

Below is a full breakdown of Prosocialites mint information, important links, roadmap items, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and more.



Mint Information and Important Links

Prosocialites mint information and important links are listed below.



Mint Price

Prosocialites mint price is 0.07 ETH per NFT.



Mint Date

The Prosocialites mint takes place in three stages: Free Mints (Apr. 29), Mintlist (May 3), and Public Sale (May 5).

During the Free Mints stage on Apr. 29, Etched Founding Members and extended team members will be able to redeem their free NFTs.

During the Mintlist (Presale) stage on May 3, those that registered for the Prosocialites allowlist will be able to mint up to five NFTs per wallet.

During the Public Sale stage on May 5, the remaining supply will be openly sold to the public. A maximum number of NFTs per wallet is not yet known.



Total Supply

Prosocialites total supply is 7,000 NFTs. Of those 7,000 NFTs, 200 have been reserved for the core team, marketing, and partnerships.



Important Links

Official Website | Twitter | Discord | YouTube | OpenSea | Whitepaper



What Is Prosocialites?

Prosocialites is a collection of 7,000 PFP (profile picture) NFTs created by Emmy award-winning artists Stephen Slesinski and Courtney Hicks and co-founders Brett Memsic and Ediz Basol. But the project is about more than PFPs.

"More than just a PFP, Prosocialites are a symbol of the world-changing power of digital communities," the project's official website reads. 

The team has plans to create a content series (already in production with a pilot episode launched), curate and help distribute charitable NFT collections (over $150,000 in sales to-date), and launch the "Meta Gala," an historic fundraising event in the metaverse (coming Fall 2022). 

Prosocialites wants to bring together a community of charitable people and bond them through NFT ownership to do good for the world.

For more information on the project's team and roadmap, see below.



Who Is Etched, the Team Behind Prosocialites?

Etched is a team of mission-driven philanthropists dedicated to using community-backed NFTs to bring charity to the metaverse. This team created Prosocialites. 

Founded in 2020, Etched has already partnered with some recognizable individuals, charities, and organizations, including Peyton & Eli Manning, The Hockey Diversity Alliance, Matt Dumba, Pitch for Adoption, Tanner Houck, and Team IMPACT.

"We believe that by building communities, linked through NFT ownership, around charitable causes and delivering enduring value to those communities, we could create a substantial and evergreen source of proceed for charities," the team wrote on its website. "NFTs have become the ultimate community building tool and could have industry-changing potential for the nonprofit sector."

In 2021, Etched raised more than $100,000 for charity. In 2022, the team hopes to increase their overall donations to $1 million.

The main Prosocialites team consists of eight total members or entities: Brett Memsic (co-founder), Ediz Basol (co-founder), Girldad (partnerships and marketing), Michael Lingenfelter (community director), Stephen Slesinski (art director), Courtney Hicks (art director), Linum Labs (solidity contract development), and Shadow Lion (creative agency).

More information is available on Etched here.



Prosocialites Roadmap Progress and Updates

Below is a brief description of all of the action items on the current Prosocialites roadmap.



A Strong Foundation

Status: Complete

In October 2021, Etched's fundraising platform launched, raising over $100,000 for charity. The team raised funds at the pre-seed level, which means the core team is full-time and not taking salaries directly from NFT holders.



Etched Content Series

Status: In progress

In February 2022, Etched released its pilot episode for its upcoming content series. The video features PGA golfer Harold Varner III and renowned NFT artist Micah Johnson.

With the launch of Prosocialites, the team plans to create eight to 10 subsequent episodes to help bring awareness to meaningful causes.

The team is partnering with Shadow Lion, an award-winning creative agency, to produce these episodes. Shadow Lion was originally created to support Tom Brady's off-field media efforts.

The content series will be shopped to over-the-top media services and other brand partners.

NFT holders will receive commemorative NFT airdrops after the launch of each episode. If the show is sold, the team will pursue revenue sharing options for NFT holders.



Events in the Metaverse

Status: In progress

One of the team's top priorities is to create the "Meta Gala," an historic fundraising event in the metaverse. It is currently expected to take place in Fall 2022.

Prosocialites NFT holders will also benefit from the development of an event and community space within The Sandbox, a blockchain-based 3D open world platform. 

Events in the team's Sandbox community space will include special speakers, auctions, live shows, and other such get-togethers.

NFT holders will receive free admission and digital wearables for the Meta Gala and full access to The Sandbox community space.



Fundraising Platform

Status: Completed

As previously-mentioned, the Etched fundraising platform went live in October 2021. It is an NFT marketplace designed specifically for "the curation of NFT collections tied to charitable organizations through [its] own platform and custom smart contract ecosystem."

A percentage of all sales go to the Prosocialites treasury. NFT holders will also have governance over future collections introduced on the Etched platform, and possibly the ability to mint their own NFT collections and charity campaigns.



Bridge to Web3

Status: Ongoing

Prosocialites and Etched can be seen as the foundation for charitable brands and communities to easily enter the web3 and NFT spaces. 

NFT holders will always have full commercial rights ownership over their NFTs, and each partnership will come with "exclusive perks for [the Prosocialites] community."




Status: Ongoing

The team plans to build its community through in-real-life (IRL) and virtual networking events. NFT holders can also expect peer-to-peer community resources and a voice in shaping the future of the Prosocialites community.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Prosocialites

Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions about Prosocialites.



Which blockchain are the Prosocialites on?

Prosocialites are minted as ERC721A tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.



What is ERC721A?

ERC721A is the non-fungible token standard in web3 at the moment. It is an implementation of the IERC721 interface, which allows for lower overall gas prices when minting multiple NFTs in a single transaction. This means two or more Prosocialites NFTs can be minted at nearly the same cost as one NFT.



What commercial rights do I have with my NFT?

You have full ownership and commercial usage rights over your Prosocialites NFTs, according to the project's official website.

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