Purrnelope's Country Club: Roadmap 2.0 Announced

Purrnelope's Country Club: Roadmap 2.0 Announced
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Purrnelope's Country Club is a collection of 10,000 unique cat NFTs, granting holders a membership into the exclusive country club. Purrnelope's Country Club launched in July of last year with @Carlini8N at the helm. Today, Roadmap 2.0 was announced, including a 9-hole course with hints and explanations of what's to come.


Hole 1: Roadmap 1.0

The first hole of Roadmap 2.0 represents everything the team has completed to date. Five of the eight monthly airdrops have been sent to holders with NFTs that represent fractions of the KittyVault. The KittyVault is a collection of over 900 ETH worth of NFTs that will be fractionalized to holders of Purrnelope assets. The KittyVault includes "blue-chip" projects like Cryptopunks, Cyberkongz, and Bored Ape Yacht Club. 


NFT Worlds

Purrnelope's Country Club has acquired an NFT Worlds plot and plan to build out a metaverse presence allowing holders to earn $WRLD tokens. The team is working with Entity Builds, who have a strong background of developing in Minecraft. 

Full-body cats are in development. The full bodies will be non-dilutive, meaning there will not be additional NFTs added to the collection in this case. 3D models of your cat will be built on top of and add value to the current NFTs.


Brand Development

Purrnelope's Country Club hired Brand Ambassadors to increase the brand and awareness of the project. An overhaul of the website, "Website 2.0," is in progress. The new website will be a one-stop-shop for all things PCC. A place for holders to redeem their physicals, manage their NFTs, or participate in community voting. Purrs Boutique will be a place for holders to dress their cats up in thematic wearables for real and virtual events.

The Purrnelope's Den is another initiative that will allow holders to pitch ideas and receive $TOKEN rewards to help build within the project.

A new governance forum will be created for members to propose ideas at the country club. The forum will allow the community to decide on ways to use the community wallet, path for $TOKEN, and provide a more advanced place for discussion than the Discord server.

Merch, Companions, and Physicals

In April, holders will receive a second companion NFT. This companion will yield 1 $TOKEN per day once the token is launched, the same as the first companion, Purrnelope's Kittens.

Purrnelope's Country Club merch is going to be gamified. Lore and gamenomics are going to be built into the merch, starting with the hoodies that will require holders to redeem a set of NFTs that they already own, creating a deflationary asset.

Season 2.0 Physicals have also been announced. Full-body physical 3D models of your cat, shipped to your doorstep!



The airdrops will yield tokens towards KittyVault fractions. Purrnelope's Den will reward with tokens. Physicals will use tokens. But WEN $TOKEN??? 

The token feature is in development, but will not be released until after all the airdrops have been sent. The team wants to ensure that the tokenomics are right before releasing it to the public. 

Packs will be purchasable with $TOKEN and include NFTs to assist in your cat's metaverse games. The team plans to have multiple play-to-earn games, and $TOKEN will be integrated into the whole ecosystem. The games are to include Player vs. Environment, Player vs. Player, and Player vs. Leaderboard. 

The partnership with Entity Worlds and NFT Worlds allows PCC to build out a play-to-earn experience for its holders. The $WRLD token is gasless, and PCC is looking into rewarding members of the community for creating content and ideas to help the game grow.


Roadmap 2.0 has a lot packed into it. The team is focused on delivering on each step of the roadmap and plans to be flexible if the NFT landscape continues to shift over time. 

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