ShapeShifters Are Coming; The Creepz Ecosystem Is Expanding

ShapeShifters Are Coming; The Creepz Ecosystem Is Expanding
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Creepz has been one of the surprises of the crypto bull market, separating itself in the NFT marketplace with its growing and profitable ecosystem. The floor on the Creepz Genesis is currently 8.7 ETH and the token ($LOOMI), used to mint companion projects, is $0.53 as of this writing. 


The Creepz earn a certain amount of $LOOMI per day depending on color and breed, with the least rare Creepz earning 1,500 and the most rare (1/1 super-rares) earning 2,500.

Because holders need to stake the Creepz to earn $LOOMI, most holders are opting to stake, effectively creating a supply shock. As of Jan. 25 at 11 a.m., only 81 of 10,000 Creepz were listed.

(Another companion, the Creepz Reptile Armoury, which sold out around Jan. 21, earn 600 $LOOMI a day and has a 1.62 ETH floor.) 

At 2:30 p.m. Jan. 25, Cold-Blooded Creepz will open up the minting of ShapeShifters, the third collection in the Creepz ecosystem. 

ShapeShifters will cost 10,000 $LOOMI to mint for the first NFT, then 15,000 for every one after. Those who mint five of the same ShapeShifter, can form a Mega ShapeShifter, which will earn bribes, or shares of a growing store of 25 million $LOOMI.


Project leaders haven’t announced if Creepz Genesis NFTs will be required to hold for ShapeShifters to earn $LOOMI (as is required with another companion, the Creepz Reptile Armoury), but some members of the Discord are speculating. 

These aren’t the last companion projects for Creepz. The website includes an image of something called “Mystery Box” which has a drop date of Q1 2022. The description says the boxes are “mystery sacrificial items ready to earn your spot in the OVERLORDS lair.”

The Overlord — the overseer of the Creepz ecosystem — has also teased the opportunity to mint a “loomi vault NFT.”


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