Solana NFTs Are Coming to OpenSea

Solana NFTs Are Coming to OpenSea

Early this afternoon, OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, announced that it will be integrating NFTs from the Solana blockchain in April 2022.

Solana will be the fourth blockchain supported by the marketplace following Ethereum, Klatyn, and Polygon.  While it is too early to confirm the comprehensive list of Solana NFT projects to be added, OpenSea has seemingly confirmed via retweet that projects such as Boryoku Dragonz, The Catalina Whale Mixer, SOL Flowers, Jungle Cats, Portals, and Aurory will be joining the platform.

For even more projects, you can view the official OpenSea Twitter page.


This news comes after multiple rumors surfaced last week about Solana's inclusion on OpenSea. 

The impact on the Solana NFT ecosystem is yet to be seen, but the move brings potentially great competition to MagicEden, the current leading marketplace for Solana NFT trading. 

MagicEden has generated more than $9M in trading volume in the past 24 hours and more than $200M in trading volume this month.

While not all of these NFTs are confirmed to be listed on OpenSea, it should be noted that over the last week Degenerate Ape Academy, DeGods, Blocksmith Labs, ASTRALS, CETS ON CRECK, Project Tenjin, Degenarte Ape Kindergarten, Degenerate Trash Pandas, Zaysan Raptors, and Citizens by Solsteads round out the top 10 in sales volume on the MagicEden platform.

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