Apr. 4 NFT Recap | Stablecoins & NFTs in the U.K.

Apr. 4 NFT Recap | Stablecoins & NFTs in the U.K.

Top News Today:

  • Stablecoins & NFTs in the U.K.

  • VeeFriends Series 2 Details

  • FewoWorld Sale Ends

  • Top NFT Movers

Stablecoins & NFTs in the U.K.

The United Kingdom's Treasury announced today that it would regulate cryptocurrencies and recognize certain stablecoins as legal tender. Chancellor Rishi Sunak stated that "We want to see the [cryptocurrency] businesses of tomorrow - and the jobs they create - here in the UK" but did not elaborate on what specific stablecoins will be accepted. 

On top of this announcement, Chancellor Sunak said that the Treasury will ask the Royal Mint to create NFTs this Summer. In creating a more friendly crypto environment, the country's leaders hope to attract new jobs and investments that can propel the U.K.'s future. 

VeeFriends Series 2 Details

VeeFriends announced minting details for its 55,555-edition Series 2 collection. Series 2 will be dropped during a 2-week time frame outlined below. 

  • April 12 (Series 1 holders and Friends List, who have 12.5 days to mint)
  • April 25 (Public Sale)
  • April 27 (new character raffle using burned Book Games NFTs)

The Series 2 VeeFriends will mint at $995 pegged in ETH the day before launch. Holders of VeeFriends Series 1 will be able to claim one free Series 2 VeeFriend per token owned. There will be 251 characters in the upcoming drop, with 15 new characters being introduced to the VeeFriends collection.

For more information on all the details released today read the VeeFriends blog here

FewoWorld Sale Ends

FEWOCiOUS sold 30,198 editions of his Paint NFTs on Nifty Gateway during a 24-hour open edition sale. Paint Drop NFTs were $500 for holders and $1,000 for the public. 

The top Paint NFT collector purchased 561 drops.

The top 50 holders will be eligible for custom Fewos, an eventual inhabitant NFT of FewoWorld.

Each Paint NFT will unlock access and upcoming utility within FewoWorld


  • CyberBrokers open the week on a tear, up over 50% in floor price nearing 6 ETH throughout the day. Azuki volume has appeared to spill into the rest of the market, as the whole NFT ecosystem saw an uptick in volume over the weekend. 

  • Clone X another winner from the Azuki fallout, as volume is down today but reamains nearly 2,000 ETH after a wild weekend of trading. The floor has broken through 20 ETH as the collection sits at an ATH.

  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club gain volume today as April marks the launch month for Yugas' upcoming "Otherside" land sale. The ape community has been reltively quite the last couple weeks but will surely dominated headlines with upcoming plans. 

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