SupDucks Reveals New Roadmap

SupDucks Reveals New Roadmap
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SupDucks launched a new website and revealed a roadmap for 2022 and beyond on April 20. Creators shared plans during a weekly community update on April 21. 


The new Supducks roadmap includes the launch of DuckGod, which will come at random to give WackyDucks a reward. DuckGod will then unwack WackyDucks when the reward is claimed. Ducks who meet the DuckGod may also acquire a utility with the ability to drop their upgraded NFT into the SupDucks metaverse and build their own systems within SupDucks. Additional benefits include whitelists, exclusive memberships and unique access to events and art.

Other roadmap items include:

  • A SupDucks cartoon.
  • Ducketts.
  • Kid Ducks.
  • A Kingbid.
  • SupDucks toys and a SupDucks tailor shop.
  • A toad battle.
  • SupDucks breeding. 
  • The launch of $VOLT 2.0, wherein every SupDucks holder will be able to claim 100 utility tokens per duck. The tokens can be used to unlock new features. 


New Website

A new SupDucks website launched on April 20, which now Includes a volt wallet. The website is still being designed and will be updated to show toads and frogs.



  • SupDucks creators said a total of 972 ducks were wacked on April 20.
  • There are 100,000 different artistic possibilities your duck could take after it’s wacked. 
  • The creators clarified that wacking your duck does not create two ducks. The duck goes on a trip upon licking a toad and becomes a different version of its original self. 



SupDucks NFTs are now available for trading on the beta version of Coinbase's NFT marketplace. You can read more about initial reactions here. 



  • SupDucks creator Franky Aguilar, also known as Frankynines, will be part of a panel at VeeCon in Minneapolis, Minnesota from May 19-22. 
  • Aguilar is also scheduled to be a speaker at NFT.NYC June 20-23.
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