SupDucks NFTs

SupDucks NFT Overview

Project Information

The Sup Ducks is a collection of 10,000 unique, randomly generated Ducks on the Ethereum blockchain. Created by MegaVoltCorp and headed by artist Frankynines, each duck is built from a collection of hand-drawn items. 

SupDucks were available for mint in three tiers: one Sup Duck for .1 ETH, three SupDucks for .24 ETH, or ten SupDucks for .7 ETH.  

Since releasing, Franky and the team have unveiled an ambitious roadmap that leads to a future SupDuck metaverse. 

In mid-September, SupDucks released a utility token, $VOLT, claimable for all SupDuck holders. Holders were initially granted 100 $VOLT per duck, and they accrue an additional 10 $VOLT per day, per duck owned. $VOLT is said to eventually allow for upgrading your duck, purchases in the SupDuck metaverse, and more. 

Additionally, SupDucks are adding a companion King Frog NFT for all SupDuck holders. On 9/30, each SupDuck holder will be able to claim a King Frog with matching traits to their SupDuck. Public participants will also be able to get their hands on a King Frog, as 15,000 will be made available in a dutch auction starting at 1 ETH.

On November 30, 2021, SupDucks shared instructions in Discord with a quick tutorial that shows how MegaToad minting will work for holders to create. 3 KingFrogs can be mashed together to get a MegaToad.