The Top 5 NFT NYC Events to Sneak Into

The Top 5 NFT NYC Events to Sneak Into

I’ve been scrolling through my OpenSea recently, looking through my NFT collection in advance of NFT NYC. I’ve spent more than a year selling low and roundtripping anything of value carefully cultivating each of the 933 NFTs there. Strangely enough, not many of my NFTs are having events June 20-23.

No special merch shop for Silly Old Bear. No late-night concert put on by the founders of Indifferent Duck. No elaborate outdoor art installation from the people at Bearbrick Labs.


If you’re like me, and you’re down bad, then you haven’t really managed to snag anything with a decent party.

Well, have no fear good sers and madams. I’ve put together a handy guide of the top events to sneak into since like me, you’re too poor to pay for each one’s token-gated event.

Feel free to tail me. The bouncer can’t stop us all.

No. 5 - Psychedelics Anonymous

The floor on this NFT with striking art is 2.29 ETH and it’s a bargain for a team that has proven itself committed to building even in this tough market. But I’m sneaking into the PA four-day event not to meet Voltura and the brains behind this project but because they have breakfast every day and an open bar from 4 to 7 p.m. Either that or pay $38 for an old fashioned.

No. 4 -

This one is sort of a cop-out since it is free, but I’m legit interested in Goblintown’s event to see whether this bear market sensation can reignite the hype it had before the team doxxed themselves. It’s really hard to find a public bathroom in the city and I’m guessing the project obsessed with poop and “Gary Pee” will have ample facilities.

No. 3 - Moonbirds

Why do I want to sneak into Moonbirds? It’s not to listen to the groovy sounds of Tame Impala, or to watch David Blaine’s unique blend of lack of charisma and street magic or to breathe the body odor of Crypto Jesus, but to get a peek at Ryan Carson. The former COO said he was staying on as a “proud shareholder” of PROOF Collective and Moonbirds in April, then proceeded to mass list these NFTs a few days ago. His exit from the project because of conflict of interest concerns was pretty dramatic and it is possible his appearance will be even more dramatic, if even for people who invested more than 14,000 ETH in Carson’s NFT fund before May 3 — back when ETH was $2,857.

Plus it will be great to talk with a bunch of people who have round-tripped high-priced NFTs.

No. 2 - Azuki

As an over-35-year-old white male nothing makes me feel as hip as that one month I was an Azuki holder. The anime style speaks to my personal style and I’ve long thought of buying the Twin Tigers jacket to wear over my long-sleeve dad shirts bought from places I’ve visited with my family. The bomber jacket would complete my ensemble of khaki shorts and boat shoes.

It will be nice to feel cool for a change.

No. 1 - ApeFest

This seems obligatory, but I’m wondering how the vibe has changed since last NFT NYC, where we first enjoyed jokes about Apes not showering and laughed copingly at their lines across town with people hoo-ing. Most people consider the Otherside land drop the top signal of the NFT boom, so I’m sneaking in because the writers behind the project pretty much owe anyone who bought an NFT from 2021-22 some production value.

So there you go. Leave your seed phrase at home and enjoy the most expensive city during the biggest NFT week of the year without spending any worthless ETH you no longer have. See Lucky Trader's full NFT NYC Schedule for more events to sneak into. 

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