Town Hall Recap | Puma Collab and Gutter Clones

Town Hall Recap | Puma Collab and Gutter Clones
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On Monday, Mar. 7, Gutter Cat Gang hosted their latest Town Hall to provide announcements and project updates to the community.    

Key Takeaways: Gutter Cat Gang Comic Burn, Gutter Athlete, Wilder World Metaverse, Gutter Merch, Gutter March Madness, Puma Partnership, and Gutter Clones




Gutter Cat Gang Comics

  • Initial Gutter Cat Gang comic drop went extremely smooth.
  • Burning of comics to upgrade rarity will close on Apr. 12.
  • Once burning for rarity is closed, the period to burn NFTs for physical versions will begin.



Gutter Athletes

  • The identity of the athlete will be revealed soon, but Gutter Cat Gang is signing their first athlete to a contract as was hinted at in the Gutter Athletes roadmap item. This will be the first athlete to sign with an NFT brand.
  • The athlete to sign with Gutter Cat Gang was hinted to be a young basketball star.



Wilder World

  • Gutter Cat Gang has inked a deal with Wilder World, an immersive 5d metaverse built on Ethereum, Unreal Engine 5, and ZERO.
  • All Gutter Cat Gang species will have avatars of their NFTs that are playable in Wilder World.



Gutter Art Drops

  • Gutter Cat Gang is moving away from Polygon airdrops for Gutter Art and transitioning to a free-to-claim (plus gas) art drop to keep all art collectibles on Ethereum.
  • There will be two different Gutter Art airdrops for holders in the month of March, both by female artists to celebrate Women's History Month.
    • The first art airdrop for March will be created by Toronto-based artist @jyxdi.



Gutter Cat Gang Merch

  • Merch collaborations with two major brands are coming soon.
  • Brands are going to be announced at a later date.
    • One streetwear brand was hinted to be a major New York-based brand.
    • A collaboration with a smaller streetwear brand is in the works, too.



Gutter March Madness, presented by the Gutter Cat Gang Kingpin DAO

  • The Gutter Cat Gang Kingpin DAO is hosting a free-to-play March Madness tournament for Gutter Cat Gang Cat and species holders to enter.
  • A Google form will be posted on Twitter and in the Gutter Cat Gang discord to sign up for the tournament.
    • Entries will be capped at 1,024 participants.
    • Each entrant will randomly be assigned a team in the tournament for a total of 64 teams consisting of 16 entrants.
  • The participants that are assigned to the team that wins March Madness will win Gutter Cat Gang prizes like a Gutter Dog Mint Pass, Gutter Comics, Gutter Merch, and more.
  • Additionally, Gutter Cat Gang is providing a Jersey Gutter Dog and Gutter Cat Gang ETH and Bitcoin hats to the prize pool as well.



Puma Partnership

  • Ivan Dashkov, Digital Culture Creative Director (NFTs and Metaverse) for Puma, joined the Town Hall to answer questions and provide some insight into the Gutter Cat Gang x Puma partnership that was recently announced.
  • Puma is excited to both join and partner with Gutter Cat Gang, and more information regarding partnership plans will be announced in the future.
  • Gutter Cat Gang specific Puma apparel and sneakers are in the works on the product side with more information to come out in the near future.
  • The Puma Partnership is much more than just a merchandise drop, with plans to build with Puma long-term to help grow Gutter Cat Gang into an international brand itself.
  • Summer will be a major focus point for the Puma x Gutter Cat Gang partnership.
    • There is a large opportunity for the Gutter Cat Gang brand to be nationally televised by sponsoring a team alongside Puma in a major Summer sports tournament.
    • Details behind what specific tournament will come out at a later date.
    • A team in the tournament will be wearing Gutter Cat Gang x Puma jerseys throughout the tournament.



Q & A with Ivan Dashkov from Puma

Q indicates a question and A indicates an answer (speaker in parenthesis).

This is a summary, not verbatim.

  • Q: Why is Puma interested in entering the Web3 space? (Gutter Wang)
    • A: Everything that that Puma works on is through the lens of culture. The Web3 space is growing and becoming a larger part of everyday life. As Web3 begins to cross into mainstream culture, Puma is working to position itself at the forefront of where Web3 is going by becoming a part of that culture and community. (Ivan Dashkov)
  • Q: How does Puma view Web3 in future plans? (Gutter Wang)
    • A: Puma is currently focused on testing, learning, and trying different things in the space. Puma's approach to the Gutter Cat Gang partnership is to learn about building communities and the unique utilities that Web3 and NFTs provide. With being so early to Web3 and not having a true 'playbook' to work off of, Puma wants to be able to do things that other brands haven't done yet. (Ivan)
  • Q: Why partner with Gutter Cat Gang? What stuck out about Gutter Cat Gang for Puma? (Wang)
    • A: In the most basic sense, Puma wanted to build out a cat brand partnership and create a 'family' of cat NFTs. As Puma dug deeper into the Gutter Cat Gang brand they loved how strong and fun the community is. While not providing too much information, Puma and Ivan are interested in working specifically with different individual members of the community. Puma as a whole is focused deeply on the importance of building a community and plans to offer unique experiences for the Gutter Cat Gang community through this partnership. (Ivan)
  • Q: How did Puma get involved with Web3 initially? (Crazy Carl)
    • A: Ivan has been at Puma for a little over three years and began focusing on Web3 in early 2021 and proposing different ideas to Puma throughout the course of 2021. Puma as a whole, all the way up through senior leadership, is excited to learn about, test, and build in the Web3 space. (Ivan)



Gutter Clones

  • Clones are coming to the Gutter!
  • Gutter Juices (DNA Vials) will be airdropped to all current Gutter Cat Gang Cat, Rat, Pigeon, Dog, and Mint Pass holders on Mar. 8.
    • A snapshot will be taken at an unannounced time on Mar. 8 prior to the airdrop.
  • A public sale will be launched at a fair entry price sometime within the next 24 hours.
  • Gutter Juices can be used either with or without Gutter Species to create a clone.
  • A Dapp will be available with all information regarding Gutter Clones within the next 24 hours.
  • It was noted that Gutter Clones are NOT another species.
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