What's New With Treeverse?

What's New With Treeverse?
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Curious about the most recent updates with Loopify's Treeverse project? We've got you covered below with a summary of the most important points from the recent Monthly Treeverse Update

Branding Update

  • Mooner Labs, the development team behind Treeverse, has rebranded to Endless Clouds. All the previous Mooner Labs socials have been updated to reflect this change. 


Art Update

  • The art of Treeverse is inspired by Journey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Valheim among others. The team believes this art style is optimal for delivering an immersive gaming experience to a mobile device. Treeverse wants to create a blend of sci-fi and fantasy to help turn the game into a unique and exciting world for players to explore and embark on their epic adventures.
  • The character model has also improved to go in line with the concept art updates. 
  • Treeverse has recently added a new animator who revealed new animations for warrior, archery, woodcutting, and fishing.




Development/Game Update

  • Zenject is a lightweight dependency injection framework built specifically to target Unity 3D. Treeverse is using Zenject to create a robust 3D-compatible game that is usable on mobile devices. It has been designed to act as a foundation for top-down games like old Zelda games where the camera angle is viewed from above the characters.
  • Treeverse has implemented character customization using MagicaClothes to change character parts in the UI and on the backend.
  • A user interface for registering and logging in has been implemented and connected to the web service. Users can now simply register, login, and save their progress.
  • Treeverse can handle over 2,000 online players in a single world. Database updates have been delayed as the team has been working to allow players to join servers anywhere on the globe with the same player account. 
  • Treeverse will use an identity service to allow users to login via Google Accounts or custom logins.


Treasury and Employment Update

  • The Treeverse treasury is currently made up of $6.1M and 1,604 ETH. The Treeverse project is looking to triple the size of their team to about 50 people. If you are interested in any of the roles, have the right experience and excel at what you do, contact vacancies@endlessclouds.xyz. For more information on the artist roles, view the team's ArtStation page


Stay in the Know

  • Treeverse has the funding to keep building for years. They are optimizing the game to be played on mobile devices, something that the NFT space is currently lacking. The team hopes to put out monthly updates via their blog, which we will in turn cover at Lucky Trader. To find each monthly update, visit the Treeverse project page
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