What Is the Cryptoon Goonz Portal? Everything You Need to Know

What Is the Cryptoon Goonz Portal? Everything You Need to Know
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After a few hints and teases, the Cryptoon Goonz finally divulged more information regarding its Cryptoon Goonz Portal on Tuesday.

The item has been prominently featured on the project's "Roadmap 2.0" released in early February.

We've gathered everything you need to know about the Cryptoon Goonz Portal below.



What Is the Cryptoon Goonz Portal? 

The Cryptoon Goonz Portal is a bridge to a different version of Cryptoon Goonz NFTs. Original Cryptoon Goonz NFTs can be sent to the Portal, and in return, the sender receives a "new" NFT - a Portal Goon. 

The Portal Goon will be the same character as the original Cryptoon Goonz NFT but built for a different world - World #1. At this time, no more details have been shared about World #1. 

An example of a Portal Goon NFT can be found above. 

How Does the Cryptoon Goonz Portal Work? 

The Portal is the branded name given for the Cryptoon Goonz smart contract, which enables the creation of the Portal Goonz NFT. 

Essentially, when interacting with the Portal, users will be sending their original Cryptoon Goonz NFT to a smart contract, which then sends them a Portal Goon NFT that matches the version they sent in. 

Users can then recall their original Goonz NFT from the smart contract at any time, but when doing so, they will be sending their Portal Goon back! 

The Goonz team shared a helpful graphic. 


Is a Portal Goon a Different NFT? 

No. A Portal Goonz NFT is built directly from the original Cryptoon Goonz NFT using a smart contract. Without the original Cryptoon Goonz NFT, there is no Portal Goon. They are the same character, built from the same underlying NFT. 

However, Portal Goonz will show up in a separate collection on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. 

A popular example of this non-dilutive mechanic can be found with Doodles and Space Doodles. Space Doodles are a non-dilutive collection built using the original Doodles NFTs and a separate collection on secondary marketplaces.

Portal Goonz will operate similarly, essentially showcasing an upgraded version of an original Goonz NFT. 

Important Note! Since a Portal Goon is not a different NFT, selling a Portal Goon is the same as selling your Cryptoon Goonz NFT! 

How Can I Use the Cryptoon Goonz Portal?  

Users must hold a Cryptoon Goonz NFT to use the Portal. 

If you hold a Cryptoon Goonz NFT and wish to push it through the Portal, head to https://frickinsendit.cryptoongoonz.com/ to do so! 

Don't have a Cryptoon Goonz NFT yet? You can explore the collection, traits, and rarities with our asset explorer below. 

When Does the Cryptoon Goonz Portal Go Live? 

The Cryptoon Goonz Portal will open to the world on Thursday, May 26. 

No official time has been shared by the Goonz team. 

Will the Portal Have More Utility? 

The Cryptoon Goonz team hinted that more utility is coming for the Portal and Portal Goonz. 

References to the Gooniverse and World #1 have previously been made, and the team indicated that additional information regarding utility would be shared once the Portal is opened on May 26. 



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