What's New With The Owners Club?

What's New With The Owners Club?
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Looking to stay updated on all things The Owners Club? Below we've detailed the latest updates from the team. 

TOC Playoff Best Ball

The Owners Club is adding a new contest type with new NFTs to spice things up for the NFL Playoffs. The Playoff Best Ball tournament will have a guaranteed prize pool of $50,000. Of the new sale, 100% of proceeds are going back to the community through promotions, giveaways, and potential prize pool boosts. 

There are two ways to get a Best Ball pack for the playoffs. Users can either purchase a Best Ball pack for $20 each or burn one First Edition TOC card to receive one FREE Playoff Best Ball pack (max of one per user). This will be the first time users have been able to burn cards, introducing the burning mechanic as a test for the project. 

A playoff best ball pack will contain 20 random cards from playoff teams that users can use to build a 12-player lineup. The lineup will be minted as a tradable NFT, and once it is minted, the lineup cannot be changed - just like typical best ball fantasy football leagues. A user can only create a lineup from the cards contained within the pack they collect, they cannot combine cards from separate packs.

There is no maximum number of lineups that one user can mint and submit. 

Each playoff week, a player's "Best Ball" score will take the top 6-card scoring lineup of the following positions: QB, RB, WR, TE, DST, SUPERFLEX. The lineup will be minted as an NFT which can be bought and sold on the secondary market up until one hour before the kickoff of the Super Bowl. Scores will accumulate throughout the playoffs and the leaderboard will be tracked on site. The winner will be determined by the owner of the winning lineup(s) at the end of the Super Bowl. 


Season 2 Plans  

The Owners Club team wants to make sure participants have ongoing utility with their First Edition cards beyond 2021. 

Weekly OGs contest 

There will be a contest each week of the 2022-23 NFL season where users will be able to submit lineups with First Edition cards only. The type of contest will likely vary from week to week (i.e. five card Main Event style, two card Side Hustle, new formats, etc.) and will reward the highest-scoring teams. The varying contest types will allow for all First Edition cards to be usable (similar to the addition of Lowball and Island of Misfit Cards this year).

Burning First Edition cards  

Users may be able to burn cards to unlock perks such as free or discounted pre-sale packs next season or bonus cards when purchasing future packs. Burning cards decrease the supply, creating new value to the First Edition cards that remain in the OG contests. 

First Edition token-gated games 

First Edition cards could become a “token-gated” way for the community to enter additional contests. For instance, a user may need to hold at least one First Edition card or own a team set of First Edition cards in order to enter.

Hybrid Contests 

TOC is planning to offer additional contests where holders can submit lineups using both First Edition and future cards. 

Head-to-head / small league games 

TOC is planning to create a suite of games where you can compete against other cardholders using First Edition cards, or a combination of First Edition and future cards 

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