Yuga Labs Apologizes for Companion Trait Error, Will Make It Right

Yuga Labs Apologizes for Companion Trait Error, Will Make It Right
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Yuga Labs will send ETH to the affected wallets of users who purchased a HV-MTL Power Source with an incorrectly labeled Companion trait, as long as it was prior to the cut-off time, per an announcement from the project.

๐Ÿ”™ Back It Up

Less than 30 minutes after the start of the Summoning, BAYC tweeted that they were having an issue with the Companion traits (earned from Toad Mode) not showing up correctly on the newly revealed HV-MTL Power Sources. The trait was removed from the collection for over three hours, after which the metadata was updated and the trait was re-added to the collection.

For some, the damage had already been done. @lostpropheteth and @orangie both lost 2.5 ETH each, buying Power Sources that didn't actually have Companions, and they wondered aloud what solution could possibly make it right. Others affected also vented on Twitter and openly admitted they didn't expect Yuga to do anything about it.

โ— Why It Matters

Never fade Yuga, right? Rather than retroactively add Companion traits to all the Power Sources that incorrectly showed that they had Companions, but in fact didn't, Yuga is opting to refund the victims sometime later today, as long as they made the purchase prior to 7:44 P.M. ET yesterday.

Affected wallets will receive an amount of ETH that covers "the difference between the amount paid and floor."

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yuga keepin it classy. Love to see them own up to the mistake and act so quickly to make all corrections necessary to keep their holders happyIsaacA3

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