Art Blocks Launches New Website

Art Blocks Launches New Website
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Art Blocks' new website is live, the team announced this afternoon. This is another step in the team's transition to Art Blocks v2.0, set to formally begin on November 1st.

The "revamped, beautiful online environment" includes the new logo, lovingly referred to as "lilsquig" and includes more content pages for the artists, the artwork, the Art Blocks company, and its team.

A new online journal called "Spectrum" will have its own landing page, where the team plans to feature interviews, educational content, news, and other audio and video content.

The navigation tabs on the site include:

  • Featured - home for new and recent content,
  • How It Works - basic background, artist landing pages, and FAQs
  • About - information on the company, including the roadmap, team information, and Art Blocks Engine
  • Journal - home for Spectrum (described above)
  • Browse Art button, taking users to the classic inventory of projects

Early feedback from the community seems to be positive, though the site has been live for less than one hour. The Art Blocks team encouraged users with any feedback to bring it to their upcoming AMA on November 3rd.

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