Bill Murray 1000 Collection Sells Out

Bill Murray 1000 Collection Sells Out

Update: Only 81 of 1000 Bill Murray NFTs sold today 

Bill Murray 1000, a collection of story NFTs that are inspired by Murray's storied career, sold out its 1,000-NFT collection on Friday afternoon. The collection is the first curated NFT drop by Coinbase NFT and sold out at a price of 1.35 ETH per piece.

Murray made headlines after purchasing a Cool Cat NFT for 3.9 ETH and a Gutter Cat Gang NFT for 8.5 ETH earlier this week.

The floor price of the collection at the time of this writing is 6.5 ETH, with over 120 ETH of secondary volume in the first hour after sell-out. The top sale thus far was 18 ETH for "Bill Murray Loves Pickles" to user arnoldg9. The NFT was the only one in the collection with the "Gherkins" background of pickles.

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