Blur Makes Next Move In Marketplace War

Blur Makes Next Move In Marketplace War

Blur, along with LooksRare, will hide OpenSea's marked flag icons by default on its marketplace, according to a tweet from the platform.

❗Why It Matters

Going forward users will have to manually enable the "OpenSea flag" view within the collection page's settings on Blur. OpenSea's flagged item policy has been a point of contention for a variety of reasons. Sometimes items are marked hastily, and in any case the flag dramatically reduces the price of the asset. 

"We've found that flags hurt end users more than they help," said Blur.

The Deets

While flags won't be visible by default, users still won't be able to sell flagged items into bids and the sweeping function will still skip flagged items if the setting "skip flagged" is selected.

Community Quotes

LETS GOOOOOOOOO @opensea this is what y'all should've done a while agoDaoKwonDo

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