Blur Removing Third Party Flag Restrictions

Blur Removing Third Party Flag Restrictions

Third party flag restrictions will be removed from Blur bids at 8:30 p.m. ET, per a tweet from the platform.

❗Why It Matters

With bid walls up for many collections, users on Blur's platform will now be able to accept bids on items that previously were flagged via OpenSea.

Blur previously noted that flags hurt end users more than they help, and this move will serve as an incentive for OpenSea users (who acquired a flagged or stolen NFT for whatever reason) to take a bid on Blur instead - without fear of needing to list the asset at a discount.

Interestingly, this serves as a change in stance from 24 hours ago, when Blur said flagged items wouldn't be able to be sold into bids. The chart below was shared by Blur. 

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