Coinbase Adds New Features to Its NFT Platform

Coinbase Adds New Features to Its NFT Platform

Coinbase added new collection activity features to its NFT platform over the last few days, according to a recent tweet from the company. 

"You can now find collection activity on Coinbase NFT," the team wrote on Twitter. "Each collection page now has a brand new tab, where you can [see our new features]."

The features include:

  • Seeing all listings, mints, sales, and transfers
  • Buying active listings straight from the feed
  • And filtering by event type to monitor activity

Coinbase NFT launched in early May 2022 and has performed poorly since. The platform's marketplace has been overshadowed by industry-leader OpenSea and industry-newcomers like GameStop and Nickelodeon.

GameStop completed more than $1 million in volume on its opening day, while Coinbase completed less than $3 million in three months post-launch.

Nickelodeon's NFT marketplace, which only sells Nickelodeon NFTs, has completed more than $1.4 million since its launch this week.

Whether or not Coinbase NFT will rebound and convince the web3 community that its platform is worth spending time and resources on is yet to be seen.

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