Dmitri Cherniak Teases New Project 'Light Years'

Dmitri Cherniak Teases New Project 'Light Years'
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Notable generative artist Dmitri Cherniak introduced a new project "Light Years" on his Twitter feed this morning with a teaser video.

The project will be done in partnership with the estate of Bauhaus artist László Moholy-Nagy and is scheduled for release on Dec. 1st, 2022. There will be a preview event from Nov. 10-13 at Paris Photo, and a full documentary featuring the project will launch on Nov. 4th.

Moholy-Nagy was a founding teacher at the Bauhaus School of Art and Design in Weimar and Dessau in the 1920s, and eventually went on to found The School of Design in Chicago in 1939.

"Light Years" was developed as Dmitri traveled the world researching Moholy-Nagy's works and life. Described as "a study in contrast - light and dark, life and death...", the artist drew inspiration from Moholy-Nagy's aesthetics and vision. Though the two were separated by one hundred years, Dmitri shares a deep connection based on "a vision for a future where technology and automation are appreciated for their creative and cultural potential."

Dmitri's Art Blocks projects have found great success, with his Ringers holding the all-time high Art Blocks sale of 2,100 ETH ($7.1M) for Ringer #109, and the collection holds a 65 ETH floor. His "The Eternal Pump" holds a 275 ETH floor for the set of 50 NFTs, the highest and most notable floor for any Art Blocks project.

No other additional details related to the project size, style, or pricing have yet been released, but look here for more information on the project background.

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