Game of Thrones NFTs | What You Need to Know

Game of Thrones NFTs | What You Need to Know

The new NFT platform for the widely popular Television show "Game of Thrones" (GoT) called "Game of Thrones: Build Your Realm" has its first NFT launch on January 10.

The NFTs will be sold within "Hero Boxes," each containing a combination of digital collectibles such as Avatars, Resource Cards, and Story Cards.

Mint Details: The mint will be conducted on Nitfy's website, which will house a secondary marketplace as well. Key mint details below:

  • Price: $150 (~0.11 ETH), which can be paid via credit/debit cards or crypto
  • Time: Presale is January 10, 11 a.m. ET; Public sale will follow at 3 p.m. ET
  • Supply: 4,950 (3,450 for presale, 1,500 for public)
  • Blockchain: Avatars will be on Ethereum, Story and Resource Cards will be minted on Palm

Wait - What's in the Box?

Each box will contain the following digital collectibles:

The avatars are the primary players in this ecosystem and required to build a realm. Hero Avatars come from regions, like the The North, and include members such as White Walkers, Maesters, and The Night's Watch. 

There is a rarity aspect, as Legendary Hero Avatars will be the rarest and represent popular characters from the series.

What's Next?

The Build Your Realm "roadmap" includes challenges, events like "The Forge" where holders use Resource Cards to create new items, and customized avatars.

Additionally, Build Your Realm is just Series 1 of this new NFT franchise. Series 2 is coming soon and will launch on OpenSea (instead of Nifty's, where Series 1 launches).

No additional details are yet known regarding Series 2.

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