Me Eat Cookie! Cookie Monster Hits the Blockchain

Me Eat Cookie! Cookie Monster Hits the Blockchain

Om nom nom nom.....That's the sound Cookie Monster will make when eating NFTs when he comes on the VeVe app this week according to an exclusive article from Variety.

❗Why It Matters

VeVe has been a go-to platform for top brands like Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars which have all sold collectibles on the platform. While its gardens are walled a bit more than other drop platforms, the introduction of Sesame Street's IP is no joke and represents a major win for bringing established brands and IP to web3. Collectors will have a chance to get their first Sesame Street NFT on Mar. 19 in VeVe's mobile app. 

The Deets

The collection will have a supply of 5,555 priced at $60 USD each. Dan Crothers, co-founder and COO of VeVe said in the article "Sesame Street is one of the most iconic brands of all time, so we jumped at the opportunity to partner with Sesame Workshop on a series of digital collectibles."

Community Quotes

What a wonderful addition to all the awesome IPs we already have on VeVe! I'm gonna grab a cookie monster for sure!CaptainAra84

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*Featured photo credit to Sesame Workshop. 

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