No Roadmap Coming for Sgt Pepe Universe

No Roadmap Coming for Sgt Pepe Universe
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There is no roadmap and will never be a roadmap for Arsonic's Sgt Pepe World, the Freedom to Transact artist confirmed in a tweet thread highlighting the project's goals and ambitions.

Driving the News: Sgt Pepe is at the center of Season 1 of The Memes by 6529, along with Nakomoto Freedom. Its popularity and success (all-time high floor price of 6.5 ETH) helped create Sgt Pepe World. Now, the world building begins.

Why It Matters: Arsonic is confirming the goals and intentions of the Sgt Pepe World project without committing to a firm roadmap. This provides an easier-to-understand structure for the community to follow and allows investors and collectors the opportunity to sell or come along for the ride. 

6 Key Takeaways:

  1. Arsonic confirmed he doesn't "want any limitations" on this project and made clear that there will never be a roadmap.
  2. The goal of Sgt Pepe World is to create an inclusive community for artists, content creators, and more.
  3. Sgt Pepe World will work closely with other The Memes by 6529 communities, as well as all CC0 projects (specifically mentioned: mfers, CrypToadz, and CryptoDickbutts).
  4. Sgt Pepe holders are going to receive allowlist opportunities, airdrops, exclusive events, and more.
  5. Sgt Pepe World is expected to release more memes centered around Sgt Pepe, and they will be released through allowlists and as collector rewards, airdrops, and game prizes.
  6. The metaverse world is expected to be built using Unreal Engine and Open Metaverse and will include digital wearables.

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