Memes by 6529 SZN1 Is A Wrap And SZN2 Details Emerge

Memes by 6529 SZN1 Is A Wrap And SZN2 Details Emerge
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SZN1 of The Memes by 6529 is officially complete, as the 47th Meme card drop today featuring XCOPY as the artist has officially sold out. Punk6529 celebrated the end of SZN 1 by teasing some early details for SZN 2.


Today's XCOPY Meme card drop titled "EXIT STRATEGY" was one of, if not the most, sought-after drop of the SZN. And rightfully so, as the card which minted for 0.06529 ETH (the standard price for all 6529 Memes) immediately rose to the 4 ETH level on the secondary market. 

The mint ended up taking place across three phases, as the first two phases were so tightly subscribed that 35 NFTs were left over after the mint windows ended. But instead of moving to public, the team announced an expanded allowlist of the next 800 top meme holders. The mint was an absolute gas war, with most successful minters firing over 3,000 gwei, which led to some upset community members.

The card dropped as low was 3.49 ETH, and some bidders were able to buy in for as low was 3.2 WETH. It is now up about 20 percent from that local bottom, at 4.25 ETH.

About SZN1

But overall the sentiment feels positive for the end of SZN1. Punk6529 celebrated with a tweet, thanking his team, the artists who contributed, and the community members.

Here are some current SZN1 stats:

  • Total Memes: 47
  • Total Meme groups: 8
  • Total supply of NFTs: 33,827
  • Total market cap: 21,000 ETH ($25.2M)
  • Lowest Meme price: 0.134 ETH for FirstGM
  • Top Meme price: NakamotoFreedom at 12.69 ETH
  • Number of collectors with full SZN1 Meme Card sets*: 115

*data sourced from this Dune dashboard

The lower-end Memes (below 0.5 ETH) have fallen hard in the last two days, as holders who were buying in solely to try for allowlist spots for the XCOPY drop have sold and exited. The bottom 26 Memes below 0.5 ETH were down an average of 22% in the past two days.

There was some expectation that they would continue to dip ahead of SZN2, but Punk6529 might have put a stop to that with his latest announcement.

Plans for SZN2

Immediately after his tweet celebrating the end of SZN1 and thanking everyone, Punk6529 tweeted again sharing some plans for SZN2.

The key details:

  • SZN2 Card 1 drops on Jan. 1, 2023
  • There will be several snapshots between today and Jan. 1
  • The SZN1 Memes in the owner's wallets matters (i.e. total number, total distinct, etc.)

This was a welcome announcement for holders who expected the floor of the Memes to continue to dip ahead of SZN2, as now there are clear hints that holding SZN1 Memes will be beneficial for minting SZN2.

With how profitable SZN1 mints were, expect continued demand into SZN2 and perhaps some new joiners to the full set club.

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