Punk6529 Announces Tight Allowlist for Final Meme of SZN1

Punk6529 Announces Tight Allowlist for Final Meme of SZN1
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Punk6529, founder of his namesake NFT project The Memes by 6529, announced that the allowlist for Friday's highly sought-after meme card drop will be "fairly tight."

There has been incredible speculation around the mechanics of the allowlist for Friday's drop at 11 a.m. ET, which is the 47th Meme card and the final one for SZN1. And oh, the artist is XCOPY.

So the final Meme of SZN1, which was already likely to see extra demand from collectors, is now featuring the most notable crypto artist in the space. Demand will be through the roof, and we have already seen hopeful minters jostling for allowlist spots by buying up XCOPY NFTs and Memes.

The reason is that 6529 typically provides allowlist spots to 1) holders of the featured artist's work and 2) holders of the Memes. See a typical allowlist breakdown in this thread below for today's Meme card drop "gmgn."

While the supply of the XCOPY Meme cards is not yet known, it is likely to be sub-1,000, putting the expected value in the 3-4 ETH range based on prior XCOPY editions. The average size of a Meme card drop is 642 (right in line with XCOPY's Grifters which hold a 15 ETH floor).

The Meme card market has responded well to the news of XCOPY coming on Friday. The cost of a full set is up 8 percent to 42.3 ETH. Most of the lower-cost cards were in green over the last few days, up an average of 15 percent, while the top-end cards were down about 2 percent. The highest-cost card, NakamotoFreedom, was up 17 percent to 13.69 ETH.

Today's card drop for gmgn has done very well, holding a 0.74 ETH floor (up over 10x from its 0.06529 ETH mint price). The gmgn card doing so well is another indicator of the likelihood of the XCOPY card starting out in the 3-4 ETH range.

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