OpenSea Pro Enhances ERC-1155 Trading Experience

OpenSea Pro Enhances ERC-1155 Trading Experience

OpenSea Pro announced updates to its platform, improving and enhancing the experience for users trading ERC-1155 NFTs.

The Deets

  • View listed quantity of ERC-1155 items on collection pages
  • Breakdown of top ERC-1155 item owners
  • ERC-1155-optimized activity feeds
  • Updated listing manager for easier selling and price, quantity management

The Details

OpenSea Pro's updates provide a more comprehensive view of ERC-1155 collections, allowing users to see the listed quantity of any item on a collection page, giving a better understanding of its supply. Users can now click on a number in the "Owners" column to expand a breakdown of an ERC1155 item's top owners, enabling them to identify significant holders quickly.

The platform also introduces ERC-1155-optimized activity feeds, making it easier to track listings, sales, transfers, and more on collection and profile pages. The listing manager has been updated to allow users to sell ERC-1155 NFTs by specifying the quantity and listing price on a per item basis, giving them full control over their listings.

❗️Why It Matters

ERC-1155's have long provided a headache to NFT traders, collectors, and data providers (like Lucky Trader!) because of the way that marketplaces reported floor prices, and quantities of items listed. Furthermore, it was a headache for listers and buyers to list individual ERC-1155s, or select them for purchase. These difficulties not only hampered the accurate reporting for collections, but it may have also indirectly hindered trading on major ERC-1155 collections like Parallel.

ğŸŽ¤ Community Quotes

The comments in reply to OpenSea's announcement said as much....

@ParallelTCG is the largest ERC1155 collection. Bullish.Lil Moon Lambo

📊 By the Numbers

Despite being positively received upon announcement, OpenSea Pro has failed to make a major dent in Blur's trading volume, routinely generating less than 10 percent market share daily, according to data from SeaLaunch

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