OpenSea Pro Polished Your Gemstones

OpenSea Pro Polished Your Gemstones

OpenSea Pro tweeted that Gemesis NFT holders should check their wallets for the metadata reveal.

The Details

  • The rank trait of your Gemesis NFT reflects how early you bought an NFT on Gem.
  • Higher ranks correspond to earlier purchase dates, and vice versa.
  • Users with ranks in the top 1% now have Gemesis NFTs with special visuals.
  • Metadata for Gemesis NFTs that haven’t been minted yet will be revealed after the claiming window closes on May 4th.

❗ Why It Matters

The Gemesis NFT, a gesture of appreciation to the Gem community of users prior to the rebrand to OpenSea Pro, remains a polarizing subject. On one hand, it's a free mint bonus to those who did use the Gem platform previously, with a current floor price of 0.035 ETH (~$73 USD). On the other hand, it's a miniscule token gift with unclear utility that simply isn't in the neighborhood of the rewards that competitor Blur incentivized airdrop farmers with.

ğŸŽ¬ Take Action

If you are eligible (if you used Gem before March 31, 2023) and still haven’t claimed your Gemesis NFT, you can mint it directly on OpenSea:

📊 By the Numbers

At the time of writing, 92,566 Gemesis NFTs have been minted out of 180,000, representing 51.4% of the total supply.

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