OpenSea Rolls Out Update With Seaport 1.4

OpenSea Rolls Out Update With Seaport 1.4

OpenSea announced an update that will allow users to list multiple items in one transaction starting today.

❗ Why It Matters

Competition drives innovation and in the recent "Marketplace War" that is taking place we have seen updates that shift the market dynamics coming out almost every week as Blur and OpenSea ship features to attempt and attract users. Today's update will allow users to list multiple items, even from different collections, all in one transaction saving users time and gas fees. 

🎬 Take Action

While the new Seaport 1.4 is up and running, in about 7 days OpenSea will no longer accept Seaport 1.1 orders via API and developers might need to take some actions. The team has put out a tweet breaking down the necessary steps to ensure you stay updated via a separate tweet.

Community Quotes

Great move, thanks for the updates Frenskouk_web3

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