OpenSea Responds As Artists Speak Out On Royalties

OpenSea Responds As Artists Speak Out On Royalties

The issue of NFT creator royalties escalated again this week, with OpenSea announcing that the company will "enforce creator fees only for new collections that use an on-chain enforcement tool."

The polarizing move comes at a contentious time in the battle for users amongst the key NFT marketplaces, with royalty-free and zero-fee platforms like Blur commanding significant market share in recent weeks.

Several prominent NFT artists have spoken out recently regarding the royalties debate, with Fewocious, Dimitri Cherniak, Drifter Shoots, and Bryan Brinkman amongst those voicing their concerns on Twitter.

OpenSea tweeted a response to the community backlash on Monday night, stating that the company "will continue enforcing creator fees for any collections created using the 'Create' button on OpenSea until at least December 8, 2022." 

"It’s become clear to us that we should continue to protect creator fees for collections created using our shared storefront," OpenSea wrote via Twitter. "These fees will remain unchanged until at least 12/8 - the deadline we gave ourselves to come out with a firm stance."

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