Revamped Azurbala | Simplified, Yet Enhanced

Revamped Azurbala | Simplified, Yet Enhanced
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Azurbala shared more information regarding its re-launches with a focus on simplicity, prioritizing captivating experiences and reducing friction for participants.

The Deets

  • Marrow reworked as a points system first
  • Re-definition of backbone and Bloodsound to emphasize Azurian identity and history
  • Separation of Jenkins/Writers Room and Azurbala IP
  • New team member, Diana Williams, former Creative Development and Franchise Producer for Star Wars at Lucasfilm

The Details

(1) To prioritize simplicity and adapt to the regulatory environment, Marrow will initially be introduced as a points system rather than an ERC-20 token. It will be used as rewards for gamified challenges and experiences on the Azurbala-dedicated Avenue space.

(2) Backbone and Bloodsound will be re-defined to better serve the Azurian identity within the franchise. Backbone will represent a historically strong Azurian bloodline, while Bloodsound will represent a historically wise Azurian bloodline. These terms will inform certain Azurian activations and experiences down the line.

(3) Jenkins and the Writers Room will no longer be associated with Azurbala. Instead, Azurbala will be a separate project focused on its own unique identity and experiences.

❗Why It Matters

By simplifying the project and honing in on what truly matters, Azurbala is setting up for a massive revamp and aims to connect in a more simplistic while creating innovative activations and experiences down the line. Projects that rely on community and lore have a tendency to overwhelm or intimidate web3 participants that aren't prepared for the committment required to "keep up." It may require some holder turnover, but once committing to a path, projects have a better chance of finding a more appropriately aligned holder base. 

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