Sony Exploring NFT Trading Framework For Video Games

Sony Exploring NFT Trading Framework For Video Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment filed a patent application that relates generally to NFT frameworks for transferring and using digital assets between game platforms, per web3 gamer and streamer @brycent_.

❗ Why It Matters

The year of web3 gaming continues. This news comes a month after Sony joined forces with Astar Network in a web3 incubation program whose goal is to explore "how blockchain technology can solve various problems" for the tech giant. Sony also hinted at NFT and blockchain experimentation in a different patent filing back in November, so this patent application is the logical next step in the company's exploration of web3.

Sony's new patent application lays out a framework that allows players on the PlayStation platform to earn NFTs in the form of unique skins and other in-game content. The idea is that once they own the NFT, they'll be able to use the skin in other games and across other game systems and platforms.

What It Means

The patent application includes a few graphics that illustrate how a potential system involving NFTs could be implemented on Sony's gaming platform.

The example below shows how a user could transfer "Skin 2456", or move it to another console/platform, among other things.


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My thoughts: Sony is at the forefront of gaming, if they are exploring NFTs it's because they understand the power of how it will unlock gaming and value for gamers. I am excited for this news! Loving the energy in web3 gaming!Brycent 🚀

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