SuperRare Adds Artist Bios

SuperRare Adds Artist Bios

SuperRare has created a new page on its site, providing bios for each of the 24 artists that will be included in the RarePass.

The artist lineup for the RarePass includes Alienqueen, Anne Spalter, Botto, Carlos Marcial, Coldie, diewiththemostlikes, Hackatao, Helena Sarin, Driftershoots, Killer Acid, Krista Kim, Madmaraca, Matt Kane, Omentejovem, Osinachi, OSF, Other World, Pindar van Arman, Robness, Sam Spratt, Sarah Zucker, TJO, XCOPY, and Yosnier.

The bios include a paragraph on the background of each artist, as well as statistics for that artist's work on SuperRare. 

The RarePass Genesis will be launching next week, including 250 edition artworks from the 24 artists listed above. There will be three opportunities each month for holders to collect 1/1 artwork from the featured artists.

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