Our Force 1 Airdrop Coming

Our Force 1 Airdrop Coming

As part of the upcoming Our Force 1 collection, .SWOOSH will airdrop a digital poster into .SWOOSH accounts at random that grants recipients preferred access to the Our Force 1 drop.

The Deets

  • FREE digital poster, dropped into .SWOOSH wallets at random
  • OF1 Poster will provide First Access to the Our Force 1 collection
  • All .SWOOSH members will still get access during general phase
  • There will be two options: the Classic Remix or New Wave

The OF1 Collection launches with the OF1 box. These will come in two different options, Classic Remix or New Wave. Both give their individual style paying respects to the history of sneakers and leading to inspiration from the future. There is a reveal event planned for holders to participate in after the claim in addition to an exclusive marketplace launching at a later date.

❗️Why It Matters

Nike's .SWOOSH platform has provided access in seemingly random spurts, and now its Our Force 1 collection will literally provide preferred access in a random manner. No NFT ecosystem has perfected fair distribution of exclusive rewards or benefits, but provably fair and random distribution is always acceptable. .SWOOSH has not specified exactly how its random choices will be made, nor if the provable fairness will be published. 

🔜 What’s Next?

There is no action to take right now, however, there is an upcoming "Airdrop 101" blog post coming from the team to share specifics around timing, price, and quantities.

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