Tommy Hilfiger Launching Multi-Metaverse Fashion Hub

Tommy Hilfiger Launching Multi-Metaverse Fashion Hub

Tommy Hilfiger is launching a multi-metaverse fashion hub in partnership with Emperia, per an article from Vogue Business.

The Deets

  • Tommy Hilfiger's partnership is with 3D technology and VR platform provider Emperia (@emperiavr).
  • Tommy Hilfiger will operate a space within Decentraland from March 28th to March 31st.
  • Will also have a connection to four other platforms: Roblox, Spatial, DressX, and Ready Player Me.
  • It features a collaboration with Vinnie Hagar, a photo booth, gamification, and more.

The Details

Tommy Hilfiger, in collaboration with Emperia, is unveiling a multi-metaverse fashion hub with an interoperable approach. Emperia's platform will enable the connection of separate environments and allow users to enjoy each unique platform without having to choose among them.

Emperia has rendering capabilities that will standardize graphic quality across platforms, and the hub will be accessible without requiring users to download any software. Emperia will also provide users with more payment options, which will reduce the friction typically associated with requiring payment in the form of cryptocurrency.

❗ Why It Matters

Tommy Hilfiger's multi-metaverse hub signifies a growing trend among major brands to explore and invest in the potential of NFTs and virtual spaces. The fashion industry is embracing the digital revolution, which is further evidenced by Gucci announcing a multi-year partnership with Yuga Labs yesterday.

By partnering with Emperia and other platforms, Tommy Hilfiger ensures that its digital presence is both accessible and innovative, allowing consumers to explore its offerings across multiple virtual spaces. This collaboration highlights the brand's commitment to embracing the future of fashion and technology.



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