VeeFriends Teams Up With Anthros Chair

VeeFriends Teams Up With Anthros Chair

VeeFriends announced its Gift Goat No. 10 reward, which features an Anthros Chair and a 1/1 rookie card NFT featuring top gamer Bugha.

❗Why It Matters

This collaboration showcases another example of VeeFriends bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds. This time though, specifically opening a collaboration with esports and gaming, which contain a natural affinity for web3. 

The Details

The Anthros Chair is the result of more than 70 years of collaboration between medical professionals and physical therapists, making it one of the most comfortable and posture-improving chairs on the market. In this exclusive collaboration, eligible Gift Goat holders can personalize their chairs for an added touch.

For gaming enthusiasts, a 1/1 rookie card NFT featuring Bugha, 3x FNCS winner and one of the top gamers with a massive social following of over 22 million is available as well. This unique NFT offers an exclusive virtual experience where holders have the opportunity to interact with Bugha himself.

💰 Money Talks

VeeFriend's floor price currently stands at 3 ETH while the Gift Goat trait has a floor price of 11.75 ETH. Only 14 Gift Goats are listed out of 555 total in the Series 1 collection.

🎤 Community Quotes

Bro this is fire...if I was a goat I would be very excited for this.TheDaltonTice

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