Volt Inu's NFT Battle Royale Game is Ready to Volt

Volt Inu's NFT Battle Royale Game is Ready to Volt

The first version of Volt Inu's NFT battle royale game can now be played on PCs, per CoinDesk

🔙 Back It Up

Volt Inu is a crypto project with a token ($VOLT) and an ecosystem built around a P2E battle royale game called Volted Dragons Sailors Club (VDSC). And VDSC is a collection of 10,000 dragons (0.51 ETH floor price), although exactly how they will be integrated hasn't been revealed yet.

The team released a teaser of the gameplay, and it appears the battle royale nature of the game will be similar to Epic Games' Fornite at a smaller scale (as the map will include 25 players competing head-to-head, as opposed to the traditional 100 player maps in Fortnite).

❗ Why It Matters

2023 continues to deliver for those bullish on the future of Web3 gaming, with the last couple of weeks alone including news such as Square Enix joining the fray, the founder of Electronic Arts joining Games for a Living as a co-founder, and Unity offering decentralization support to game developers utilizing their game engine.

All Web3 games are seemingly being built in the shadow of Yuga's Otherside, but the competition will continue to drive attention and innovation in the space.

🔜 What’s Next?

The game will be available on Steam "in a few days/weeks", according to the Volt Inu team. 

Volt Inu is also being listed on Polygon imminently, further reinforcing the fact that the Polygon network will be in the plans of many blockchain games because of the lower transaction fees.

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