Non-Fungible Films Founder Makes Bid for 0n1 Force Acquisition

Non-Fungible Films Founder Makes Bid for 0n1 Force Acquisition
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Non-Fungible Films founder Cameron Moulène tried to ease recent speculation with claims that Non-Fungible Films has officially put in a bid to acquire former anime NFT darling, 0n1 Force. 

Moulène was previously connected to rumors surrounding the purchase of the Pudgy Penguins collection, which was ultimately sold to Luca Netz earlier this year. 

"This is a big undertaking and transition. If selected, I want to work diligently with the community, gain their trust, and hear all of their ideas with the hopes that it would enrich our goals and plans greatly," said Moulène of a potential 0n1 Force acquisition. 

While Moulène spoke for 0n1 Force in his Twitter thread, the project has not responded to questions posed by Lucky Trader. However, a Discord announcement from the project's leaders does seemingly verify the project is in talks for eventual acquisition. 

"The cat is out the bag yes we are deep in talks with potential buyers and have been working on it for months. This is why I kept asking for patience this whole time lol," read part of an announcement from team member starlordy. 

At this time, no deal has been finalized and Lucky Trader has not been able to verify the validity of the offer nor whether it is still in good standing. 

0n1 Force has fallen dramatically since its rise onto the scene in 2021, but the project has experienced a nearly 40 percent increase in floor price this week. 

Only 11 sales of the project have taken place on OpenSea since Moulène's thread dropped. 

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