Nakamigos Rising

Nakamigos Rising
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Nakamigos experienced another surge in floor price last night after 10KTF posted a tweet with a Nakamigo NFT featured on a Wanted Poster. 

🧐 Wait, What? 

Yep. Completely out of nowhere, the 10KTF account posted the following photo. 

📊 By The Numbers

After a few days of decline, the tweet created a frenzy that sent the Nakamigos floor price right back up. According to data from OpenSea the collection is up more than 44 percent in the last 24 hours on a 60 percent boost in trading volume. The floor price is currently 0.77 ETH. 

The Nakamigo pictured last sold for 0.569 ETH, but now has offers for more than 1.20 ETH, well above the Nakamigos floor. 

🖼️ The Big Picture

There is no telling that social media frenzy and speculation have helped push the Nakamigos floor price in the last week. First, Beeple encouraged "crazy mofos" to push the floor price to 1 ETH after featuing Nakamigos in one of his Everydays. And now the 10KTF tweet has others speculating that something real might be going on behind the scenes. As a reminder, Beeple has played a role in 10KTF's development and now is an official advisor to Yuga Labs, who purchased 10KTF late last year. At this time, no official relationship between Yuga Labs and HiFo Labs (the company behind Nakamigos) has been confirmed. 

🎤 Community Feedback

Despite no confirmation, the community was pushing the narrative (perhaps sarcastically). 

yuga confirmed ggricefarmer.eth

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