Invisible Friends Announce Plan for Unminted 3D NFTs

Invisible Friends Announce Plan for Unminted 3D NFTs
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Invisible Friends has released a plan to reallocate unminted 3D Invisible Friends, which will follow the conclusion of the holder claim period ending on Wednesday, Nov. 30th at 3:00 p.m. EST.

The team anticipates that there will be 'anywhere from 1000-1400 spots left' following the holder mint, which will be distributed as follows, according to the project's Twitter thread: 

  • The team's allocation will be minted immediately following the close of the holder window

  • The following groups will be added to a mint list, with a 24-hour minting window: Scammed Friends, Kith Friend 1/1 holders, Community Leaders, and 100 Kith Friend holders selected via Premint. 

  • After that 24-hour window closes, Invisible Friend and Clay Boy holders can mint 1 additional 3D Invisible Friend (first come, first serve). A snapshot of holders was taken on Nov. 28.

  • If there is a remaining supply, the rest will be reallocated to holders of SlimHoods and MoodVerse.

Reveal for the 3D Invisible Friends will take place 1-3 hours following the collection minting out. 

3,602 of the 5,000 supply have currently been minted, with the project holding a floor of 0.83 ETH with 597 ETH in total volume traded. 


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