Kith Friends NFTs

Kith Friends NFT Overview

Project Information

Kith Friends is a collaborative project between famous New York streetwear brand Kith and NFT project Invisible Friends. The collection consists of nine 1-of-1 Kith Friends and an additional three edition pieces representing different clothing sizes. The 1-of-1 Kith Friends feature styles and clothing from the Kith Summer 2022 collection. Holders of these 1-of-1 NFTs will receive all of the physical Kith merchandise worn by their Kith Friend NFT.

The edition Kith Friends NFTs was available for all Invisible Friends NFT holders to mint. There are three different edition pieces portraying varying Kith merchandise and sizes. Holders of the Kith Friends edition pieces can claim the exclusive Kith for Invisible Friends merchandise represented by the Kith Friends NFTs. Additionally, throughout the year the Kith Friends NFTs will evolve to portray different clothing, shoes, and accessories from upcoming Kith releases and act as an early access pass for holders to purchase limited Kith products before being released to the general public.