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Kith Friend Claim is Live
Julian Son

The Kith Friend claim is live for two weeks, per an announcement from the Invisible Friends team.

❗ Why It Matters

Owners of Kith Friend edition pieces have a free claim for the products associated with their Friend, but they must do so by the deadline.

The Deets

  • Claim ends in 2 weeks - on March 4th at 4pm EST
  • Claim site: One claim per checkout
  • To claim, your Kith Friend must be in the same wallet that they were in during yesterday's snapshot

🎬 Take Action

  1. Go to, and then connect your wallet
  2. Pick the bundle you would like to claim, and then choose shoe size
  3. Hit the "Claim Now" button, and then sign the gasless transaction to complete the checkout process

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Kith Friend Claim is Live
Kith Friend Snapshot Delayed
Logan Hitchcock

A previously scheduled Kith Friends edition snapshot has been delayed 24 hours, according to an announcement from the Invisible Friends team

The Deets

  • The snapshot of Kith Friends NFTs will now take place tomorrow, Feb. 17, at 1:00 p.m. ET. 
  • Starting at 4:00 p.m. ET on Saturday, Feb. 18, eligible wallets will be able to claim their Kith Friends merchandise. The claim will be open for two weeks and close on Mar. 4 at 4:00 p.m. ET.

Kith Friends NFT holders must hold the NFT in their snapshotted wallet address in order to claim their merchandise on Saturday. 

❗Why It Matters

The delay will open up an opportunity for any previously unaware NFT collectors to add a Kith Friends NFT to their collection ahead of the upcoming snapshot. 

🎬 Take Action

Those hoping to gain access to the upcoming merch claim can purchase a Kith Friends NFT prior to the snapshot tomorrow. 

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Kith Friend Snapshot Delayed
Invisible Friends Announces Merchandise Claim for Kith Friends Edition Holders
Logan Hitchcock

Kith Friends holders will be entitled to a physical merchandise claim of the assets associated with their Kith Friends Edition NFTs, according to a tweet from Invisible Projects.

The Kith Friends Editions come in three separate types, best distinguished by the outerwear - which comes in Cream, Black, and Blue. In addition to the sweater, each edition will be able to claim a jacket, bucket hat, and sneakers that match their NFT. 

The claim is expected to take place in mid to late February, but no official date or time has been provided. 

A snapshot has not yet been taken, and Invisible Friends indicated that there is still time to add a Kith Friends Edition NFT and be eligible for the claim. 

The cheapest Kith Friends Edition NFT is 0.4 ETH at the time of writing. 

You can explore the collection here

Invisible Friends Announces Merchandise Claim for Kith Friends Edition Holders
Invisible Friends Announce Plan for Unminted 3D NFTs

Invisible Friends has released a plan to reallocate unminted 3D Invisible Friends, which will follow the conclusion of the holder claim period ending on Wednesday, Nov. 30th at 3:00 p.m. EST.

The team anticipates that there will be 'anywhere from 1000-1400 spots left' following the holder mint, which will be distributed as follows, according to the project's Twitter thread: 

  • The team's allocation will be minted immediately following the close of the holder window

  • The following groups will be added to a mint list, with a 24-hour minting window: Scammed Friends, Kith Friend 1/1 holders, Community Leaders, and 100 Kith Friend holders selected via Premint. 

  • After that 24-hour window closes, Invisible Friend and Clay Boy holders can mint 1 additional 3D Invisible Friend (first come, first serve). A snapshot of holders was taken on Nov. 28.

  • If there is a remaining supply, the rest will be reallocated to holders of SlimHoods and MoodVerse.

Reveal for the 3D Invisible Friends will take place 1-3 hours following the collection minting out. 

3,602 of the 5,000 supply have currently been minted, with the project holding a floor of 0.83 ETH with 597 ETH in total volume traded. 


Invisible Friends Announce Plan for Unminted 3D NFTs
Kith & Invisible Friends Announce BMW Partnership
Staff Writer

The Kith & Invisible Friends collaboration collection announced that it has partnered with notable car manufacturer BMW in a recent post.

The ever-evolving Kith Friend NFTs now have their art updated to reflect Kith x BMW accessories. This is an update to the current NFTs metadata and is not a new NFT collection.

However, holders will be receiving early access "to the entire collection through a token-gated website on Monday, 10/3, at 10 am EST for 48 hours."

Holders have no limit to how many NFTs from the new collection they can purchase. 

Lucky Trader will provide the official website link and other updates as they develop.

Kith & Invisible Friends Announce BMW Partnership
Kith Friends Edition Mint Is Now Live
Lou Sherman

The 24-hour mint for Kith Friends Edition NFTs is now live.

Kith Friends is a collaboration collection between Kith, a luxury streetwear brand, and the Invisible Friends NFT project. Editions will evolve over the year until the claim period ends in February 2023. Individuals who are holding these editions in February of 2023 will be able to receive Kith for Invisible Friends products. 

There will be Medium, Large, and X-Large editions available to mint. Holding the editions NFT at the end of the claim period will allow users to receive products at no additional cost.

Medium editions will receive (1) Blue Wool Bomber (Medium), (1) White Crewneck (Medium), (1) Beanie, plus (1) pair of RF for Asics (sizes 4-13).

Large editions will receive (1) Cream Wool Bomber (Large), (1) Navy Crewneck (Large), (1) Cap, plus (1) pair of RF for Asics (sizes 4-13).

X-Large editions will receive(1) Black Wool Bomber (X-Large), (1) Black Crewneck (X-Large), (1) Bucket Hat, plus (1) pair of RF for Asics (sizes 4-13).

Kith Friends Edition Mint Is Now Live