Adidas: Prada, Re-Source NFTs

Adidas: Prada, Re-Source NFT Overview

Project Information

The Adidas: Prada, Re-source event is an interactive NFT launch in collaboration with artist Zach Lieberman. There were 3,000 wallets selected for the collaboration piece where each wallet selected had the ability to take a selfie that was tiled as an NFT. The piece designed by Zach Lieberman is a collection of those 3,000 selfies. The canvas NFT was auctioned off on SuperRare on Jan. 28, 2022. The proceeds of the auction were split by all involved parties with 80 percent donated to Slow Factory, 5 percent going to artist Zach Lieberman, and 15 percent split evenly between all participants who designed a tile. Those who created a tile were able to mint the tile as an NFT, free of charge. NFT tile creators will receive 3 percent of secondary market sales in perpetuity of their individual tile.