Akutars NFTs

Akutars NFT Overview

Project Information

Akutars are a collection of 15,000 unique, 3D avatars minted on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Akutar grants holders entry into the ever-expanding Akuverse, where lines are blurred between the digital and physical worlds and in which Akutar owners gain exclusive access to culture-defining experiences, products, and collaborations.

Aku is a young, black boy sporting an oversized astronaut helmet and a confident swagger, on a mission to prove that no dream is too big, and no obstacle is too large. Aku was created by former MLB player turned artist Micah Johnson. Micah is a self-taught figurative artist who uses strong gestural lines combined with loose brush strokes to create dramatic portraits primarily featuring African-American children.

The team will grant exclusive early access to Akutars with a free airdrop to holders of Aku Chapters and certain other Aku NFTs. There are 3 categories of the Akutar Mint Pass; Random, OG, and Mega OG. The Random pass guarantees the holder a random Akutar avatar, the OG guarantees the holder an Akutar avatar with an OG trait, and the Mega OG guarantees the holder an Akutar avatar with a Mega OG trait.